It is Good to be Friday

Happy Easter weekend to all of the Cuzoogle readers. There was a break in the March Madness action just long enough to get a good night’s sleep and refresh for day two. From my memory day two is always full of upsets and buzzer beaters and generally it is the day that the brackets get busted.

It is early on Good Friday morning and today is one of those days that is totally guilt free. Nothing is open, the business world is closed and all there is to do is relax and take the time to have some fun.

Kline Street will be no different as there is very little on the docket other than watching more hoops and enjoying some good food.

Here is what else is happening around the halls of Cuzoogle.

Opening day of Madness

The anticipation always is bigger than the actual start to March Madness. Sure there are games on while you eat lunch but it is nothing like the excitement level leading up to the games. It takes the first waves of contests to end before people get into the brackets and see how they are doing.

This year I went mostly with the faves and am happy I did. I have only lost two teams after day one and am still kicking myself for letting the public convince me to go with USC. I knew K-State would beat them and yet I did not pick them.

My other loss was Oral Roberts, went out on a limb there but I have never trusted Pitt, ever. So in the one pool I am in for real cash, I am in second place after the first day of games. Not bad.

The highlights on the first day was watching Duke almost lose to Belmont and the star match up of Mayo and Beasley.

Since I was home all day I did prepare myself with a trip to the grocery store. Each day I check in on the Madness I will list what I had to eat just so I can personally keep track.

Day 1

  • chicken fingers with dip.
  • banana.
  • three beers.
  • small bowl of dill pickle chips.
  • one burger with cheese and spinach as well as sweet potato fries.
  • two cups of tea.


Katie is back!

Yep finally after a second week in a row in Saint John, Katie is back for a long weekend of rest and relaxation. She works hard and misses home and all that comes with it so I know she is ready for the weekend to start.

Not a lot planned other than a few meals. I hear that she will be baking some special bread this weekend that I am very eager to try.

Winter won’t leave

Yes it is technically the start of spring but as I look out the window I still see snow coming down. It is very light but still, it should be at least rain.

The news said last night that most of Canada should be expecting another six weeks of winter. Oh my God. No thanks.

Friends with Blogs

Al is writing about his latest LP purchase.

Edwin is into March Madness and getting his blog up to speed.

Slow cooking tonight

Have a slow cooker recipe all set for tonight. I will be going to take care of that as soon as I get this post up. Nothing fancy but it will be good.

Chicken, potatoes and madras sauce cooked all day and then throw it on top of some rice. Add a spinach salad and let the tasty dinner begin. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood.

Rock Reporters in Raleigh

The Rock Reporters left today to fly down to North Carolina to take in a few days of NCAA hoops. Can’t wait to hear some stories and see some pictures. I have to admit I am very envious of them.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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