Benefits of Breakfast for Healthy

Breakfast brings a variety of health benefits. Even so, don’t just be full. Make sure the breakfast you consume contains a variety of important nutrients your body needs.

If the body feels weak and the mood is not well controlled in the morning, try to remember again, you have breakfast or not. The benefits of breakfast for health cannot be underestimated. In addition, breakfast can also affect various important aspects of starting your day, before going into activities.

Benefits of Breakfast which Dear Missed

For those of you who often skip breakfast, start changing these habits, because there are many benefits of breakfast for health. Among others are:

1. Meet daily nutritional needs

The body’s daily nutritional needs for vitamins and minerals cannot be fulfilled properly if you miss breakfast. Research reveals that people who are accustomed to breakfast are more fulfilled with their nutritional needs, including fiber, vitamins A, B, C, and calcium which are important for the body.

2. Improve body metabolism

During sleep, your body’s metabolism tends to slow down. With breakfast, the body’s metabolism can be increased again. The body’s metabolism plays a role in transforming food and drinks into energy needed in various bodily functions.

3. Affects mood

Breakfast also affects the mood. People who skip breakfast tend to have a bad mood, making them more irritable and stressed. So, start your day with breakfast so that your mood is better and ready to do various activities.

4. Increase focus and productivity

Breakfast can make you more focused and productive doing office work. If you skip breakfast, you will feel hungry. Of course this can interfere with concentration. Instead of thinking about work, you only think of what food you want to eat.

5. Helps to lose weight

One of the benefits of breakfast that can also not be underestimated is that it helps you lose weight. After breakfast, the desire to eat unhealthy foods, such as donuts or fatty foods, will decrease. You don’t even feel hungry during the day, so the desire to consume excess food at lunchtime can also be reduced.

6. Reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes

A healthy breakfast can help reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body. In addition, a study revealed that people who do not eat breakfast have a higher risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Healthy and Quickly Made Breakfast Menu

For those of you who are reluctant to bother, juice or smoothies can be an option. However, you still need to consider consumption of solid food as a breakfast menu, because it tends to be more filling. When you chew, your body releases full hormones into the intestines, so you can feel fuller.

If you feel you don’t have enough time in the morning to make a healthy breakfast, don’t worry, there are several solid food choices that are easy to make. The following includes:

Cereal porridge

There is a wide choice of cereal porridge that can be used as a breakfast menu. Pay attention to the content in it so that the benefits of breakfast can be obtained. Seral which contains whole wheat, rice and corn can be an option. The combination of these three foods can meet the needs of fiber, carbohydrates, protein, vitamin B, vitamin C, iron, thiamine, magnesium, and various other vitamins and minerals that the body needs. Vitamin and mineral needs that are well fulfilled can support the work of the brain and increase endurance.


Eggs can be one of the easy and fast breakfast menus to make. Eggs contain various kinds of nutrients the body needs, ranging from protein, amino acids, vitamin D, iron, to various minerals.


If you are in a hurry, various types of fruit can be used as a breakfast menu. Fruit is a food that is easy to digest and contains various important nutrients. Fruits that can be a healthy and filling breakfast menu include bananas, avocados, apples, and papaya. Other fruits that can also be used as a breakfast menu because they can increase endurance are oranges, kiwi, and strawberries.

There is no reason to skip breakfast, because there are actually a wide selection of nutritious foods that are easy to make. So, start your day with breakfast so you can undergo activities with optimal physical condition and enthusiasm.

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Tips: Healthy Life that Is Easy to Do

Healthy is expensive. This saying is true, because when you get sick, let alone a dangerous one, many people have to spend a lot of money to get back healthy. In fact, many diseases can be prevented only by applying clean and healthy living habits, without the need for expensive expenses.

Living a healthy life is not difficult and does not need to spend a lot of money. The key to success in living a healthy life lies in consistency and commitment to live better. Start healthy living habits by doing the following tips on healthy living.

Washing hands

Washing your hands properly is the most effective way to prevent the spread of germs. Wash hands with running clean water, and always use soap, because water is not enough. Washing hands with soap is proven to be effective in reducing the number of bacteria in the hand by up to 82%.

Remind your child to always wash their hands after using the toilet, after doing activities outside the home, after holding a pet, and before eating. Give understanding to him that hands that look clean are not necessarily free from germs, because germs are not visible to the eye.

If water and soap are difficult to find, you can use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Studies show that hand sanitizer products with an alcohol content of 60-95% are more effective at killing germs than products with lower alcohol levels or no alcohol at all. But keep in mind, hand sanitizers cannot kill germs as effectively as washing hands with soap.

Maintain Food Cleanliness

Contaminated food can be a major cause of disease transmission. To prevent contamination, you must treat food properly. How:

  • Wash hands with soap and running water, before cooking or preparing food.
  • Wash food ingredients with running water until clean, before cooking or consumption.
  • Do not store food too long in the refrigerator or storage cabinet.
  • Keep foods that will be eaten raw, such as vegetables for salads, from raw meat.
  • This is so that the raw meat germs do not move to the food ingredients.
  • Use a serving hood to protect food from flies or mice.

Eating Healthy Foods

Forget fried foods, fries, processed foods, or fast food that is commonly consumed. To maintain a healthy body, you must pay attention to your food intake. Healthy and nutritious balanced foods are very important for the body, especially in children who are still in their infancy.

Get used to eating with a diverse menu and certainly meet your daily nutritional needs. Every day, the body needs 2-3 servings of vegetable protein, 2-3 servings of animal protein, 3-8 servings of staple foods such as rice, potatoes or wheat, 3-5 servings of vegetables, and 3-5 servings of fruit.

In addition, you also need to limit your intake of sugar and salt. Excess sugar can increase the risk of diabetes and obesity. While excess salt will increase the risk of high blood pressure.

Sufficient Water Needs

The next healthy life tips are to drink enough water, which is at least 2 liters (about 8 glasses) per day. The benefit of adequate water intake is that the body becomes fresh, the brain functions better, and avoids headaches, constipation, and kidney stones.
Regular exercise

Many people are lazy to move because they think exercise is tiring and boring. To work around this, make sports a fun activity. For example, if you do not like to sweat, choose swimming. If you don’t like strenuous exercise, choose yoga.
Inviting children to play baseball, ball, or badminton can also make sports activities fun, while teaching children about the importance of exercising. It is recommended to exercise at least twice a week, with a minimum duration of 30 minutes a day.

Avoid cigarette smoke exposure

Cigarette smoke is very dangerous for active smokers and passive smokers. Cigarette smoke contains dozens of types of chemicals that are at risk of causing cancer. Besides cancer, exposure to cigarette smoke also increases the risk of miscarriage, heart disease, lung disease, and respiratory problems.
For women who have a smoker partner, you and your children are also at risk of experiencing the same disease. This is because particles from cigarette smoke can settle on the surface of clothing or objects that are in the room where they smoke, even last long after the smoke is gone. Some studies show that these particles can last for months. If you want to live healthy, free your home and family from cigarette smoke.

Enough rest

Besides causing drowsiness, lack of sleep will affect emotional conditions and cognitive abilities, because the brain cannot function properly. Lack of sleep can also increase the risk of obesity and various diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. Try to sleep 7-9 hours a day to avoid these risks.

Last but not least is to maintain environmental cleanliness in order to be free from disease. Various tips on healthy living above will not bring maximum benefits if the environment where you live is dirty and many germs.

Start applying a healthy lifestyle in your family, but of course you have to start with yourself first. Healthy living habits that you live can motivate others around you. Vice versa, associating with people who live a healthy lifestyle can further motivate you to do the same.

It is Good to be Friday

Happy Easter weekend to all of the Cuzoogle readers. There was a break in the March Madness action just long enough to get a good night’s sleep and refresh for day two. From my memory day two is always full of upsets and buzzer beaters and generally it is the day that the brackets get busted.

It is early on Good Friday morning and today is one of those days that is totally guilt free. Nothing is open, the business world is closed and all there is to do is relax and take the time to have some fun.

Kline Street will be no different as there is very little on the docket other than watching more hoops and enjoying some good food.

Here is what else is happening around the halls of Cuzoogle.

Opening day of Madness

The anticipation always is bigger than the actual start to March Madness. Sure there are games on while you eat lunch but it is nothing like the excitement level leading up to the games. It takes the first waves of contests to end before people get into the brackets and see how they are doing.

This year I went mostly with the faves and am happy I did. I have only lost two teams after day one and am still kicking myself for letting the public convince me to go with USC. I knew K-State would beat them and yet I did not pick them.

My other loss was Oral Roberts, went out on a limb there but I have never trusted Pitt, ever. So in the one pool I am in for real cash, I am in second place after the first day of games. Not bad.

The highlights on the first day was watching Duke almost lose to Belmont and the star match up of Mayo and Beasley.

Since I was home all day I did prepare myself with a trip to the grocery store. Each day I check in on the Madness I will list what I had to eat just so I can personally keep track.

Day 1

  • chicken fingers with dip.
  • banana.
  • three beers.
  • small bowl of dill pickle chips.
  • one burger with cheese and spinach as well as sweet potato fries.
  • two cups of tea.


Katie is back!

Yep finally after a second week in a row in Saint John, Katie is back for a long weekend of rest and relaxation. She works hard and misses home and all that comes with it so I know she is ready for the weekend to start.

Not a lot planned other than a few meals. I hear that she will be baking some special bread this weekend that I am very eager to try.

Winter won’t leave

Yes it is technically the start of spring but as I look out the window I still see snow coming down. It is very light but still, it should be at least rain.

The news said last night that most of Canada should be expecting another six weeks of winter. Oh my God. No thanks.

Friends with Blogs

Al is writing about his latest LP purchase.

Edwin is into March Madness and getting his blog up to speed.

Slow cooking tonight

Have a slow cooker recipe all set for tonight. I will be going to take care of that as soon as I get this post up. Nothing fancy but it will be good.

Chicken, potatoes and madras sauce cooked all day and then throw it on top of some rice. Add a spinach salad and let the tasty dinner begin. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood.

Rock Reporters in Raleigh

The Rock Reporters left today to fly down to North Carolina to take in a few days of NCAA hoops. Can’t wait to hear some stories and see some pictures. I have to admit I am very envious of them.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Eight Teams That Could Wreck Your Bracket

By: Jay Bruce

Soon it will be time to fill those NCAA March Madness brackets out again.

Those who are looking for this year’s crop of small schools looking to pounce on the big dogs came to the right place. Back in 2006, nine small conference teams won their first round game and at least have won in each season since.

Before you go picking every small team in your bracket, take a look at these eight teams and decide for yourself whether they will be worth check marks and not X’s on your bracket?

Cornell Big Red

Cornell is a team that always flies under people’s radar. The Big Red have proven to the quite the road warrior this season, beating the likes of Alabama, Davidson, UMass, Drexel and Bucknell away from home. Cornell also lost a stunning 71-66 game at Kansas, leading the game most of the way before the Jayhawks turned the game around and pulled the win out.

Cornell is led by two talented veterans, senior three-point threat Ryan Wittman, who leads the team in scoring at 17.4 ppg, and big man Jeff Foote, who is a menace on the block.

In the past nine seasons, the Cornell posts an impressive 9-3 record in neutral site games, holding their opponent to just over 60 ppg in those victories.

UTEP Miners

Texas El Paso is one of those teams that are peaking at the right time.

As of March 1st, the Miners have reeled off 12 straight victories, not bad for a team that started the season at 10-5. UTEP got the monkey off its back by beating Conference USA foe Memphis by five points at the Tigers home gym.

The Miners may need to be Conference USA Tournament champs to make the big dance though. UTEP’s lost most of its crucial non conference games, with its only notable win coming against Oklahoma back in December.

The Miners are led by big man Derrick Caracter. The Louisville transfer proved to the world, and Rick Pitino, that given the minutes he could be productive. The junior has posted career numbers this season, with highs in points per game, free throw attempts and percentage, minutes, field goal attempts and percentage. Throw in Randy Culpepper, the UTEP scoring leader, and you’ve go a team you don’t want to see in the first round.

The Miners can score in bunches, rebound with the best of teams and thanks to their poised guard play, UTEP does not turn the ball over.

Butler Bulldogs

Butler currently holds the longest winning streak in the nation. At 18 straight wins, the Bulldogs ran the table on their Horizon opponents.

Only the fourth team in Horizon League history to complete its conference schedule unbeaten, Butler also finished the regular season with 26 wins for the sixth time in nine years.

With notable victories over bigger schools like Ohio State, Xavier, UCLA and Northwestern, Butler sees prepared for a tourney run.

While they’re not the defensive stalwart they used to be, the Bulldogs do keep the game in the low sixties and are ranked sixth in the nation in opponents rebounds per game.

Butler is ranked high this season and won’t sneak up on anybody, but count on them to possibly win a few games in the NCAA Tournament this year. They score in the paint and don’t give up rebounds. Do you smell the upset brewing?

Northern Iowa Panthers

NIU will be in its fifth NCAA Tournament in seven years.

The Panthers lack any stars. Their leading scorer, Adam Koch, averages a mere 12.3 points per game while leading assist man, Kwadzo Ahelegbe, manages only 2.8 assists per game.

So why is Northern Iowa so dangerous? Two reasons; defense and experience.

I am a big proponent of picking smaller teams that play good defense to win a fist round game, and what better team to pick than the Panthers? NIU is ranked No. 2 in the nation on the defensive side of the ball, holding opponents to 55.3 ppg. Whether you’re a run-and-gun style squad or a slower methodical team, the Panthers will not let you score, bad news for a team who may have only one or two scorers that carry a team.

Northern Iowa beat Boston College (81-69), Iowa State (63-60), and Iowa (67-50) en route to school record 25 wins.

Xavier Musketeers

With a recent notable victory over conference foe Richmond, Xavier not only launched itself into the Top 25 rankings, but also let college hoops fans know they are for real.

The stunning 78-76 double overtime victory has the Musketeers peaking just in time for the NCAA Tournament. Xavier hasn’t lost a first round game in the tourney since 2006, and is 8-1 in its last nine opening games.

The Musketeers have gone 13-2 since they suffered a 96-92 overtime loss at Wake Forest on Jan. 3. Early in the season it was obvious that XU lacked experience, but finishing the season 14-0 at home and winning its last five games, Xavier demonstrated the type of cohesiveness and mental toughness needed to go deep in the tournament.

Richmond Spiders

No stranger to upset hungry fans, Richmond showed their promise early and often this season.

Defeating big schools like Missouri, Mississippi State, Florida and conference enemy Temple, the Spiders love neutral site games. Richmond went 3-0 in such games this year, holding opponents to 52.3 points per game.

There are two things you don’t do against the Spiders, score and shoot at a high percentage. Richmond is ranked top 25 in the nation in opponents’ points per game (60.8), field goal percentage (39%) and three-point percentage (28.4%).

Richmond lost its last first-round tourney game, a 76-64 defeat at the hands of the Wisconsin Badgers.

Utah State Aggies

The No. 1 three-point shooting team in the nation, Utah State could be the cause of a lot of red ink when you check your brackets at the end of the 2010 NCAA Tournament.

The long-bombing Aggies are currently on a 13-game win streak, and have won 17 of their last 19 games.

With its only notable non-conference wins being against Wichita State and BYU, Utah State may need to win the WAC Tournament in order to make the big dance. The selection committee may award the Aggies for their recent winning ways, but could also shun the weak schedule they have played this season.

Temple Owls

I hate to add a third Atlantic 10 team in my eight-team discussion, but you can’t ignore Temple when filling out those brackets.

They are one of the best defensive teams in the country, holding opponents to 57 points per game. With defense comes turnovers, and with turnovers comes easy buckets. The Owls have three players with over 20 steals and four players with over 70 assists on the season. The two go hand in hand, and with guards like Ryan Brooks (14.6 ppg, 22 steals, 72 assists), Juan Fernandez (12.2 ppg, 26 steals, 98 assists), Ramone Moore (7.7 ppg, 11 steals, 42 assists) and Luiz Guzman (4.9 ppg, 20 steals, 93 assists), Temple has a chance to do some damage.

The Owls have lost their last two opening-round games, but with veteran guard play and a stellar defensive attack, an upset could be just what the doctor ordered for Temple.

To Wrap it Up

In conclusion, there are a few things you need to think about when picking your upsets.

Firstly, if a small school has three or four starters who are seniors, pick them to get an upset. Seniors always outplay their potential in big games, and for most small conference teams, the NBA is not an option for most of its players. They are going to play their heart out and sometimes that is a bad thing for the Goliath’s they are looking to slay.

Also, do some research and look at teams with no stars. Some small conference teams have only one star scorer, which usually ends in disaster when they face bigger, more athletic rivals. For example, this season my pick would be Northern Iowa. The Panthers play amazing defense and if you shut down one player, any one of the rest can kill you in any given game.

With three players averaging more than 10 points per game, three averaging more than 4.5 rebounds per game and five players shooting better than .750 from the free throw line, NIU could be your key to getting a head start on your office pool buddies.

March Madness Prop Bets for those who love to gamble

Fill out your brackets yet or are you one of those people who wait until the last minute? Are you doing any betting on this year’s tourney? If so, bodog has a great list of prop bets to choose from that will make any afternoon of hoops much more interesting. Play along and make some picks.

Our picks are bolded.

Will a #1 ranked seed (Louisville, Pittsburgh, Connecticut, North Carolina) win the March Madness 2009 Tournament?

Yes -150
No +110

Which #1 ranked seed will be the first to be eliminated from the March Madness 2009 Tournament?

Connecticut 7/4
Louisville 9/4
North Carolina 11/4
Pittsburgh 9/4

Which round will Connecticut be eliminated in during the March Madness 2009 Tournament?

Round of 64 60/1
Round of 32 7/2
Sweet 16 3/1
Elite 8 3/2
Final 4 3/1
Championship Game 6/1
Not Eliminated 7/1

Which round will Louisville be eliminated in during the March Madness 2009 Tournament?

Round of 64 60/1
Round of 32 6/1
Sweet 16 7/2
Elite 8 2/1
Final 4 3/1
Championship Game 9/2
Not Eliminated 5/1

Which round will North Carolina be eliminated in during the March Madness 2009 Tournament?

Round of 64 80/1
Round of 32 9/2
Sweet 16 5/2
Elite 8 4/1
Final 4 3/1
Championship Game 9/2
Not Eliminated 4/1

Which round will Pittsburgh be eliminated in during the March Madness 2009 Tournament?

Round of 64 60/1
Round of 32 5/1
Sweet 16 4/1
Elite 8 3/2
Final 4 3/1
Championship Game 9/2
Not Eliminated 5/1

In what round will the first #1 ranked seed (Connecticut, Louisville, North Carolina, Pittsburgh) be eliminated from the March Madness 2009 Tournament?

Round of 64 20/1
Round of 32 2/1
Sweet 16 7/4
Elite 8 7/4
Final 4 10/1

Will a #2 ranked seed (Duke, Memphis, Michigan St, Oklahoma) win the March Madness 2009 Tournament?

Yes +225
No -350

Which # 2 ranked seed will go the farthest in the March Madness 2009 Tournament?

Duke 5/2
Memphis 3/2
Michigan St 5/2
Oklahoma 5/2

Which #2 ranked seed will be the first to be eliminated from the March Madness 2009 Tournament?

Duke 19/10
Memphis 7/2
Michigan St 19/10
Oklahoma 19/10

In what round will the first #2 ranked seed (Duke, Memphis, Michigan St, Oklahoma) be eliminated from the March Madness 2009 Tournament?

Round of 64 5/1
Round of 32 4/7
Sweet 16 3/1
Elite 8 7/1
Final 4 35/1

What will be the lowest ranked seed to advance to the Final Four of the March Madness 2009 Tournament?

#1 Ranked Seed 8/1
#2 Ranked Seed 4/1
#3 Ranked Seed 5/2
#4 Ranked Seed 4/1
#5 Ranked Seed 7/2
#6 Ranked Seed 5/1
#7 Ranked Seed 7/1
#8 Ranked Seed 12/1
Other 10/1

What will be the lowest ranked seed to advance past the round of 64 of the March Madness 2009 Tournament?

#8 Ranked Seed 200/1
#9 Ranked Seed 75/1
#10 Ranked Seed 20/1
#11 Ranked Seed 7/1
#12 Ranked Seed 4/5
#13 Ranked Seed 5/4
#14 Ranked Seed 11/4
#15 Ranked Seed 5/1
#16 Ranked Seed 30/1

How many #12 ranked seeds (Arizona, Northern Iowa, Western Kentucky, Wisconsin) will win a first round game during the March Madness 2009 Tournament?

0 15/4
1 11/10
2 7/5
3 19/4
4 50/1

Which conference will have the best winning percentage in the March Madness 2009 Tournament?

Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) 3/1
Atlantic 10 Conference (A10) 10/1
Big East Conference 1/2
Big Ten Conference 4/1
Big 12 Conference 5/1
Pacific 10 Conference (PAC10) 5/1
Southeastern Conference (SEC) 10/1

What Mid-Major Conference will produce the last team standing in the March Madness 2009 Tournament?

Atlantic 10 Conference (A10) 4/1
Big South 600/1
Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) 100/1
Conference USA (C-USA) 1/3
Horizon League 75/1
Mid-American Conference (MAC) 400/1
Missouri Valley Conference (MVC) 200/1
Mountain West Conference (MWC) 25/1
Sun Belt Conference 150/1
Southern Conference 600/1
West Coast Conference (WCC) 7/4
Western Athletic Conference (WAC) 100/1

How many teams from Mid-Major Conferences will advance past the round of 64 during the March Madness 2009 Tournament?

1 Team 300/1
2 Teams 8/1
3 Teams 4/1
4 Teams 11/4
5 Teams 9/5
6 Teams 11/2
7 Teams 13/2
8 Teams 23/2
9 Teams 29/2
10 Teams 33/2
11 Teams 20/1
12 Teams 25/1
13 or more Teams 40/1

How many buzzer beating shots will occur during the Round of 64 in the March Madness 2009 Tournament?

0 Buzzer Beaters 10/13
1 Buzzer Beater 7/4
2 Buzzer Beaters 9/4
3 Buzzer Beaters 11/2
4 Buzzer Beaters 9/1
5 Buzzer Beaters 25/1
6 or more Buzzer Beaters 50/1

So who are you betting on? Would love to hear your thoughts.

For even more prop bets and baskeball odds, check out bodog for more or visit our sports betting widget located up top.